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Welcome to AP Photo! This class is meant to prepare you for submitting an AP portfolio to the College Board. If you pass, you can earn college credit!

Welcome to AP Photo!

Welcome to AP Photo! To be successful on your first day, you'll need to go over the class syllabus, get a memory card to use for the term, and set up a Google portfolio on the Google site. Remember to be logged into your school Google account!

The class syllabus is due by the end of the first full week of the term. Students will not be able to check-out photography equipment until the syllabus is returned with signatures of the student and their legal guardian.

Let's Get Started

To be successful in AP Photo, you'll need to sign-up for the AP class on College Board's website. This way, at the end of the year, you can submit your digital portfolio. 

To get started, use the link below to make your free College Board account. Make sure to use your school email, and I recommend using your school password as well (that way you don't forget it). 

Once you get an account, please make sure you join my class with the

Join Code: JQ4QMY

Course Description

Check out the course description below for more information about AP Photography, taken from the College Board website. 

The main things to look at are what your portfolio needs to include, and the expectations/requirements for the portfolio. Then, check out the scoring process. 

We will be engaging in lots of different projects/activities to help you build a portfolio and meeting all requirements for the course.

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