Welcome to Graphic Design 1! This class is an introduction to the elements and principles of design, as well as an introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

Welcome to Graphic Design 1

Welcome to Graphic Design 1! One big goal I have is to get to know you, and especially your names! Let's warm up with an icebreaker called "Get to Know You Bingo." The first person to get a "bingo" wins the icebreaker!

Next, we'll go over the syllabus and emergency procedures

Finally we will end with an activity I like to call "I can't draw." Check out the video to the side for more details.

Let's Get Started

To be successful in Graphic Design 1, you'll need to learn your way around the website and to set up a Google portfolio on the Google site. You can always access the Google site and syllabus through the About page. Remember to be logged into your school Google account, and ask questions if you are lost!

For grading, my hope is that you always try your best, take risks, be curious, and explore the art medium of graphic design. We'll take a look at an example class rubric, so you can know what to expect for your projects.

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