photo 1:

Welcome to Photo 1! This class is an introduction to digital photography. We will learn how to shoot in manual mode, and create some awesome photos.

Welcome to Photography 1

Welcome to Photo 1! One big goal I have is to get to know you, and especially your names! Let's warm up with an icebreaker. Find a partner, who is sitting close to you, ask them the below questions, and then take their photo! You can take each other's photo with the Polaroid cameras, and make sure to write your name under your photo! Then, you'll introduce your partner to the class and we'll hang up the photos in the classroom, so we can all learn each other's name!

  • What is your name?

  • What grade are you in? 

  • What are you hoping to learn in Photo 1? 

  • What is one interesting fact about you?

Next, we'll go over the syllabus. The class syllabus is due by the end of the first full week of the term. Students will not be able to check-out photography equipment until the syllabus is returned with signatures of the student and their legal guardian.

Then, I'll ask you to take the short pre-photography quiz below. You will get points for participation, but this will not effect your grade. It is just to help Mrs. Santos see how much you already know about photography. 

Let's Get Started

To be successful in Photo 1, you'll need to get a memory card to use for the term, to learn your way around the website, and to set up a Google portfolio on the Google site. Remember to be logged into your school Google account, and ask questions if you are lost!

For grading, my hope is that you always try your best, take risks, be curious, and explore the art medium of photography. We'll take a look at an example class rubric, so you can know what to expect for your projects.

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